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ScummVM v0.11.1 for GP2X

The ScummVM binaries I found in the web aren’t up to date (v0.10) and therefore new games like Elvira series are missing. (v0.11). I already made some GP2X build of ScummVM (SVN) before. The current SVN didn’t run, so I built the latest stable version.ScummVM Logo

It’s built with the open2x toolchain against their standard SDL and the MAD (mp3), Tremor (Vorbis), and libmpeg2 (mpeg2) libraries. What’s missing is fluidsynth and FLAC, but those were also missing in the other GP2X builds AFAIK.

Download the build here:

One bug that persists in my builds is the stereo sound in games switches the balance to the right channel after a few seconds. Otherwise this build seems fine. I guess it has to do with the SDL_mixer in the open2x libraries.


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