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Albums I Eagerly Await(ed)

There’s still good music being made in the 21st century, believe it or not. This list is mostly for my own reference, but some of you might find it usefull.. I hope.

Upcoming albums I eagerly await

  • Farmer’s Market – (unknown): No certain informations. Got signed by Ipecac Recordings and speculate on their homepage.
  • Harmful – (unknown): Studio recordings have been finished as of 4th July.
  • Napalm Death – Smear Campaign: German release 19th September. Advance leaked.
  • Nine Inch Nails – (unknown): Read Reznor writing on the homepage about a new longplayer in the making. Should investigate further though..
  • Primus – (unknown): Somewhere I read about an upcoming studio album on one of their sites. Yeah!! Hopefully not just wishful thinking..
  • Squarepusher – Hello Everything: UK release on 16th October on Warp Records.
  • Ween – (unknown): Still in the studio or so.

Long awaited “recent” releases

  • Boards of Canada – Trans Canada Highway: UK release 6th June on Warp Records.
  • Emirsian – A Gentle Kind of Disaster: German release 18th August on Nois-O-Lution/Indigo.
  • Helmet – Monochrome: US release 18th July on Warcon Records.
  • Les Claypool – Of Whales and Woe: US release 30th May on Prawn Song.
  • Slayer – Christ Illusion: German release 4th August.


Warning, fine art ahead!

Here’s just a small fraction of art I love for many years. I tried – and failed – to focus on less known artists with publicly available works.
This listing is in alphabetical order. The hyperlinks at the artists’ names point to their official website where available. The works named beside are only meant as an example and not representative. And well, cartoons and humorists are completely missing.

oil paint palette


Frank Margerin from France – Lucien
Comics. English infos here.

Walter Moers from Germany – Das Kleine Arschloch (The Little Asshole)
Comics and film scripts and novels.


Chris Cunningham from England – Rubber Johnny
Short films and music videos.


Aphex Twin from England – Come to Daddy, Druksq
One of the “gods” of the electronic music scene. His style varies mainly from ambient, techno, electronic, drill-and-bass to experimental sound collages.

Bogdan Raczynski from USA plays crazy experimental electronic and drill-and-bass like tunes with pitch-shifted vocals partly in Japanese. Melodies often remind me of nursery rhymes.

Einstürzende Neubauten from Germany plays some sort of experimental industrial. They partly use unique do-it-yourself instruments and have very poetic lyrics. Their singer Blixa Bargeld holds poetry lectures at an university in Berlin for students.

Farmer’s Market from Norway plays a mixture of all sorts of musical styles with focus on Bulgarian-Balkan-jazz on a very high technical level. You can find free audio and video recordings of whole concerts on their website.

Les Claypool from USA plays mostly variations of weird funky rock music. He’s one of the most virtuoso bass guitar players I know of. He is best known as a member of the prime Primus. There’s a nice Wikipedia article about him.
You can find free legal BitTorrent seeds of concert audio recordings at amongst many other bands and artists! Or you may purchase some live sets online at and

Nine Inch Nails from USA plays industrial very sophisticatedly produced and sometimes with beautiful melodies and harmonies. On their website you can find music videos, concert clips and even a multitrack version of one of their latest tracks to reuse/remix freely.

Paintings, photographs, installations

Alex Grey from USA – Sacred Mirrors
Contemplary psychedelic paintings and performances.

Gregory Crewdson from USA

Jonathan Meese from Germany – Képi Blank, nackt
Paintings and installations and performances.


Aldous Huxley from England
Works freely available at Project Gutenberg.

Douglas Adams from England

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe from Germany
Works freely available at Project Gutenberg.

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