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2007/05/23’s New Full Length Track Playlists and Radio

Filed under: Internet radio,,music,sound,websites — FrankZabbath @ 17:40 just keeps getting better and better! In their May 2007 news announcement they present their extended full length track streaming offers. Social Music Revolution
Before that AFAIK you could only hear all streamable tracks full length when having subscribed (for free) by listening to a radio station (neighbour radio for example). There were very few songs, that could be listened full length by everyone.

Now any (unsubscribed) visitor can tune in to their own full length track radio station for any artist or tag etc.! Try for yourself!

Subscribed users can now also create full length tracklist. As soon as more than 15 different artists are added, the playlist will contain full length tracks, but in shuffled order.
To try that out I took the time and added most of my current top 50 artists into a more than 270 tracks playlist.

Enjoy! :D



Ultra relaxing Internet radio stations

Filed under: ambient,Bluemars,electronica,Internet radio,music,relaxing,SomaFM — FrankZabbath @ 03:32

If you feel a little stressed out or you just want to relax for what ever reason, you should try these ambient and alike Internet radio stations:



  • Bluemars (128k mp3) – ambient and electronica w/ beats
  • Cryosleep (128k mp3) – ambient and no beats at all
  • Voices from Within (128k mp3) – worldmusic-like

Sweet dreams to all!

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