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My 14th very own custom Rockbox build for Sansa e200

This build is based on revision 17238. I made it to keep up with the latest codebase and patches and to try a few new patches too. Unfortunately two of those new patches don’t seem to work, more exactly doom and pictureflow plugins will crash in this build. Additionally the Instrument Tuner Plugin I wanted to include didn’t make it into the build. I also made 3 new fonts in sizes 8 to 13 px out of the new Windows Vista TTFs.SanDisk Sansa e200

  • flashlight plugin
  • various optimizations: wma and nsf codec,
  • skipping tracks,
  • viewports,
  • themes with bitmap strips

New Patches

Updated Patches

  • albumart-smooth_resize-080415.patch
  • playlist_folder.patch (I renamed it to playlist_folder-080418-vmh.patch)
  • [backlight_fading_e200_17138.patch]
  • batt_bench_v3.patch
  • charge_e200_17131.diff

Removed Patches

  • bootloader_boost.patch (committed)


Patch Log

FS#8799 – User definable list dimensions (custom list for viewports)
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/customlist_vp_v8b.diff
Hunk #1 FAILED at 40.
1 out of 7 hunks FAILED — saving rejects to file apps/gui/bitmap/list.c.rej
** no-brainer

FS#4733 – Multifont
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/multifont_for_customlist-20080403.patch
Hunk #1 FAILED at 46.
1 out of 10 hunks FAILED — saving rejects to file firmware/font.c.rej
Hunk #1 FAILED at 23.
1 out of 4 hunks FAILED — saving rejects to file firmware/font_cache.c.rej
** no-brainer

FS#5697 – bmp resize patch
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/albumart-smooth_resize-080415.patch

FS#7661 – Make ID3 info screen more readable
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/expand_id3_screen_line_width.patch
Hunk #3 FAILED at 1225.
1 out of 3 hunks FAILED — saving rejects to file apps/screens.c.rej
** no-brainer fix (function parameters changed)

FS#7542 – This patch moves all the playlist creation from the root dir to the PLAYLISTS directory.
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/playlist_folder-080418-vmh.patch

FS#7565 – support for the TPA tag
patch -p1 < /home/scheff/downloads/50-id3TPA.patch

FS#6800 – Sansa e200 backlight behaviour
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/backlight-thread-fading_r16180M-080128.patch
Hunk #2 FAILED at 36.
1 out of 4 hunks FAILED — saving rejects to file firmware/target/arm/sandisk/backlight-c200_e200.c.rej
** Oops! Should have used the recent patch from the tracker.. :) DCDC15 identifier is now called AS3514_DCDC15. Fix manually.

FS#6884 – Sansa E200 m3u/m3u8 to pla playlist converter
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/sansa_playlist_converter_V3.3.diff
Hunk #1 FAILED at 1.
1 out of 1 hunk FAILED — saving rejects to file apps/plugins/CATEGORIES.rej
** no-brainer fix

FS#8070 – Sansa battery_bench plugin buffer overflow
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/batt_bench_v3.patch

FS#8363 – Charger configuration for Sansa e200/c200
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/charge_e200_17131.diff

FS#8768 – Instrument tuner plugin
cp -p /home/scheff/downloads/pitch.c.080418-stevetuc apps/plugins/pitch.c
** Missing! Copying wasn’t enough to get it into the build.. should investigate next time!

FS#5555 – Record Button Configuration
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/rec_button_080325.patch

FS#5153 – Doom Scrollwheel Patch
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/doom_scroll3_sync20070915.patch
** Not Working! Crashes Rockbox as soon as Scroll Wheel is used in the Doom Plugin.

FS#7871 – Go to WPS from metadata viewer, pitchscreen and quickscreen for e200
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/play_to_wps_v2.diff

FS#8335 – album title config & small improvements for PictureFlow
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/pf_album_title_v3.diff
Hunk #2 FAILED at 1535.
1 out of 10 hunks FAILED — saving rejects to file apps/plugins/pictureflow.c.rej
** no-brainer
CC pictureflow.c
pictureflow.c: In function ‘album_name_menu’:
pictureflow.c:1544: error: too few arguments to function ‘rb->do_menu’
make[2]: *** [/home/scheff/src/rockbox-17238/build/apps/plugins/pictureflow.o] Error 1
** Simply extended function parameters by guessing from other occourances from “rb->do_menu(&album_name_menu,&selection);” to “rb->do_menu(&album_name_menu,&selection,NULL,false);”)
** Not Working! Crashes Rockbox on Picture Flow startup while initializing the Album Art.

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