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Mounting WebDAV Mediacenter with davfs on Ubuntu Feisty

The only way I could access the GMX Mediacenter on my Ubuntu Feisty install was by using Konqueror. Nautilus or mount with davfs aborted with errors. This is caused by the buggy/non-standard GMX WebDAV Server. Installing the current Debian unstable package makes access possible.

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The developers of davfs2 are kindly trying to include workarounds into their code, but sometimes these get broken between releases. But the current Debian unstable package does work.
I rebuilt the package on Ubuntu 7.04 as described in my hddtemp posting using unmodified Debian sources. You may download the resulting i386 package.

I haven’t done any fine tuning of my setup yet, like automount and user access. But it is indeed working this way for me:

Create mount point

# mkdir /media/webdav-gmx

Add mount commands to /etc/fstab

# gmx mediacenter    /media/webdav-gmx    davfs   user,noauto   0     0

Add login (Customer No. and password) to /etc/davfs2/secrets

# gmx mediacenter    0123456            P455W0rdsRfun

Mount it

# mount /media/webdav-gmx


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Hddtemp with SATA Support on Ubuntu 7.04 and Debian

I switched my home PC from Fedora Core 5 to Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn on Sunday, which went quite smoothly and satisfying. Aside, the currently available hddtemp package (0.3-beta15-33) of Ubuntu 7.04 is not capable of reading temperatures of SATA drives. I found that bug report, after fiddeling with the configuration files and init scripts.

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To get my temperatures with hddtemp I added my drive to /etc/hddtemp.db determing the needed values with sudo smartctl -d ata -a /dev/sda (see man hddtemp).

root@p512o:/etc# diff hddtemp.db.orig hddtemp.db
> "ST3250823AS"                         194  C  "Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 250GB SATA"

I also had to rebuild the deb package with the Debian unstable hddtemp_0.3-beta15-36 sources as follows.
You can download the i386 package, but beware: I’m a noob and didn’t change anything of the package (like mentioning that I built it for Ubuntu), which might be necessary.

Prepare build environment:

mkdir -p ~/debbuild/hddtemp
pushd $_
dget -x
cd hddtemp-0.3-beta15/

Build (without signing because of seahorse-agent problems) and install:

debuild -rfakeroot -uc -us
sudo dpkg -i ../hddtemp_0.3-beta15-36_i386.deb

The hddtemp daemon was restarted with the installation. Test daemon output:

netcat localhost 7634

Maybe I could just have installed the binary Debian package or just wait for the Ubuntu package to be updated. But as I’m new to the Debian world, having mainly used Red Hat style Linux until now, I see this as an exercise. Mixing apt repositories for Ubuntu with Debian ones is not recommended as far as I understand.

Here’s some related information I’ve bookmarked about deb packages:


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