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Mounting WebDAV Mediacenter with davfs on Ubuntu Feisty

The only way I could access the GMX Mediacenter on my Ubuntu Feisty install was by using Konqueror. Nautilus or mount with davfs aborted with errors. This is caused by the buggy/non-standard GMX WebDAV Server. Installing the current Debian unstable package makes access possible.

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The developers of davfs2 are kindly trying to include workarounds into their code, but sometimes these get broken between releases. But the current Debian unstable package does work.
I rebuilt the package on Ubuntu 7.04 as described in my hddtemp posting using unmodified Debian sources. You may download the resulting i386 package.

I haven’t done any fine tuning of my setup yet, like automount and user access. But it is indeed working this way for me:

Create mount point

# mkdir /media/webdav-gmx

Add mount commands to /etc/fstab

# gmx mediacenter    /media/webdav-gmx    davfs   user,noauto   0     0

Add login (Customer No. and password) to /etc/davfs2/secrets

# gmx mediacenter    0123456            P455W0rdsRfun

Mount it

# mount /media/webdav-gmx


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