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Watch Frank Zappa at CNN Crossfire defend “immoral” words and arts

Yesterday I found a quite funny but also inspiring video recording featuring Frank Zappa when surfing around the Chaos Computer Club website in the Chaosradio Podcast Network section. It’s a recording of a CNN Crossfire talk show from 1986 discussing the impact of “evil” rock music with its “immoral” lyrics and music videos and which countermeasures should be taken to “save” the US American society.
I love how this Washington Times gnome tries to find arguments and is making a fool of himself, even though he has his two fellow conservative rightwingers with him and Zappa is on his own defending freedom of speech and arts.. The recording quality of that 20 years old video tape isn’t that good, but it’s really worth watching this 20 minutes dispute also if you might not be a fan of Zappa.

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