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Direct Links to Shared Files for Free

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Sadly this method stopped working. Even old links don’t work anymore. You would have to use shared instead of lite again.

I’ve been happily using the free file hosting for a while. What’s a bit annoying is that as a free member you aren’t offered direct links to your shared files. So you’d always have to load some sort of bridge page containing the direct link. But I found an easy way for direct linking, which I successfully use for example on this blog. Here’s

  1. Log in to your account (what a surprise ;)
  2. Browse to URL
  3. Upload one single file
  4. Note down the shared file URL, e.g.
  5. The Direct Link is the given URL above with /shared/ replaced by /lite/. That would be

Beware that Hot Linking is not allowed with AFAIK (at least for free members), so don’t use this to embed your 10 MB Flash applets or something like that. But still, Deep (or Direct) Linking like I do with my downloads will most certainly not cause you trouble.


[2009-04-26: This trick isn’t working anymore.]

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