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A very profound etymology of this blog’s name

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A Bembel is an Hessian traditional stoneware mug used for serving German cider. The pronunciation is something like bamble, but the vowel a has to be like in extra or example.
Hence the name as a variation of bumble bee. Sweet and neat, eh?

Bembel for the 700th anniversary of the town DreieichenhainFor your amusement, and maybe you are longing for further insights to this highly interesting topic, here’s the Babel Fish translation of the German Wikipedia article about Bembel.

So beware the Bembel of Doom if you can! At any cost, literally!
And no, this blog won’t be about getting drunk nor praising alcohol! Well, mostly that is. I only needed an unique and short name and this was one of the first I could spontaneously come up with just like that.

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