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Display DOS ASCII Arts (e.g. NFO Files) on Linux

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In order to properly display NFO files, their content has to be converted to your local codepage.
In my case that is UTF-8. The conversion will be done with iconv. To get the solid block characters I chose the input codepage IBM 437. some ascii arts snippet from xterm
So the resulting command is:

iconv -f 437 -t UTF8 dafile.nfo | less

For a list of available formats type:

iconv --list

It is handy to have this command as a script. That would be something like this:

# Display DOS ASCII Arts (e.g. NFO Files)

if [ -z "$@" ]
  echo "No filename given."
  echo "Usage: `basename $0` filename(s) [filename(s)]..."
  iconv -f 437 -t UTF8 "$@" | less

exit 0

You can download this script from my share.

Click on the screenshot to view a larger version.


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[2007-05-23: Download link.]

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