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Generate Amarok Album List with MySQL

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There’s no option in Amarok to export a listing of your collection. Also the script collection2html available via Amarok’s Script Installer is always crashing. My collection database is stored by MySQL, which I used to export the desired list via PhpMyAdmin.

As I’m not that much of an SQL expert, I took a look at the queries of that collection2html script by Marcelo Bovo and modified them to my taste. Here’s the resulting query:

SELECT,, SEC_TO_TIME( SUM( length ) ) , COUNT( track ) ,,
FROM tags, album, artist, year, genre
WHERE tags.album =
AND tags.artist =
AND tags.year =
AND tags.genre =
AND <> ""
GROUP BY tags.album

And that’s part of the output (csv), that can be exported to several formats via PhpMyAdmin:

"name";"name";"SEC_TO_TIME( SUM( length ) )";"COUNT( track )";"name";"name"
;"Metallica-The Ultimate Tribute";"00:03:24";"1";"2004";"Metal"
"A Sides";"Metalheadz Platinum-METPLA006";"00:13:18";"2";"2006";"Drum & Bass"
"Aborted";"The Purity Of Perversion";"00:31:28";"9";"1999";"Death/Grind"
"Aborted";"The Archaic Abattoir";"00:36:26";"10";"2005";"Brutal Death Metal"
"Aborted";"After Forever";"00:57:57";"12";"2007";"Heavy Metal"
"Adam Green";"Garfield";"00:43:16";"14";"2002";"Rock"
"Adam Green";"Friends of Mine";"00:33:02";"15";"2003";"Alternative"
"Adam Green";"Gemstones";"00:31:44";"15";"2005";"Alternative"
"Adam Green";"Jacket Full of Danger";"00:30:33";"15";"2006";"Rock"

One downside of this method is, albums containing several artists (samplers etc.) are not handled separately. But it’s good enough for me for the moment.

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