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Keeping Track of Upcoming Music Releases with Soundamus

One thing I was missing for many many years is a (free) Internet service, that informs you of new music releases for specific artists. I even thought about making such a thing myself. A year ago or so I discovered such a service called soundamus which I highly recommend! One ingenious feature is the integration with one’s Social Music Revolution

But the artists considered aren’t limited to your profile. Other services like Pandora are also supported and you can alternatively manually define which artists you’d like to track.

The resulting list of upcoming releases is available as webpages, an RSS feed and iCal. So you can also integrate that iCal feed into a calendar software like Google Calendar. From my understanding, the data of releases is from Amazon Webservices, so more obscure releases might not be included (but I didn’t notice that so far).

Here are examples for the available data sources for my profile:

There are more features and new features are being added. Check out the Group for details on that.

My Native Windows Build

I needed a Windows command line tool for syncing local files with an FTP server and couldn’t find any lightweight ones. There’s for Unix/Linux with a Cygwin build available (seems to be gone now). Instead of using that, I built an EXE of with ActivePerl for Windows.

Main reason for not using the Cygwin build is that using different versions of cygwin.dll simultaneously isn’t possible, which could happen easily when for example additionally having a full Cygwin install with running services. Stand alone Cygwin builds need to be shipped with the cygwin.dll which it is linked to.
Also that Cygwin build is outdated.

So, to make short things short, here you can download (and my previous build

As far as I remember the build was straight forward. I installed ActivePerl 5.10, added a 3rd party PPM Repository ( I think) for installing the PAR Packer. Then all I had to do was issuing pp -o in the directory with the sources.
You can reduce the EXE file size using UPX if you need to.
So far the EXE is working without problems.


[2009-04-27: New build of latest version.]

No More Custom Rockbox Builds No More

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In case anyone would be interested, I won’t do any Sansa e200 Rockbox builds anymore.SanDisk Sansa e200

The official build now has all the functionality I need previously only available through patches. Specifically that’s album art resizing, USB mass storage support and battery charging.

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