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My 13th very own custom Rockbox build for Sansa e200

So this is my latest build based on revision 17055. With my previous build I had a few crashes (black screen, still powered on until battery drain) and “data abort”. Also had the “normal” duplicates in database after updating to my last build. Now the View Ports Custom List Patch is included (again?). I also simply removed two less important patches, one being the cause for wrong parameter count in function ‘is_backlight_on’ when I tried to build with those.SanDisk Sansa e200


Darn! I forgot to enable USB in the Makefile. Sorry for this inconvinience. Downloads are now with USB enabled.


  • new(?) game pegbox
  • many default themes now using new stripped bitmaps (included in “full zip”)
  • smooth resize committed
  • fixes for Sansa OF USB detection
  • fixes for WMA codec
  • multi-core tweaks

New Patches

  • customlist_vp_v8b.diff
  • multifont_for_customlist-20080403.patch

Updated Patches

  • albumart-smooth_resize-080407.patch

Removed Patches


Patch Log

FS#8799 – User definable list dimensions (custom list for viewports)
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/customlist_vp_v8b.diff

FS#4733 – Multifont
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/multifont_for_customlist-20080403.patch

FS#5697 – bmp resize patch
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/albumart-smooth_resize-080407.patch

FS#7661 – Make ID3 info screen more readable
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/expand_id3_screen_line_width.patch
Hunk #3 FAILED at 1225.
1 out of 3 hunks FAILED — saving rejects to file apps/screens.c.rej
** no-brainer fix (function parameters changed)

FS#7542 – This patch moves all the playlist creation from the root dir to the PLAYLISTS directory.
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/playlist_folder.patch

FS#7565 – support for the TPA tag
patch -p1 < /home/scheff/downloads/50-id3TPA.patch

FS#6800 – Sansa e200 backlight behaviour
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/backlight-thread-fading_r16180M-080128.patch

FS#6884 – Sansa E200 m3u/m3u8 to pla playlist converter
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/sansa_playlist_converter_V3.3.diff
Hunk #1 FAILED at 1.
1 out of 1 hunk FAILED — saving rejects to file apps/plugins/CATEGORIES.rej
** no-brainer fix

FS#8070 – Sansa battery_bench plugin buffer overflow
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/sansa_batt_bench.patch

FS#8363 – Charger configuration for Sansa e200/c200
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/charge_e200_16657.diff

FS#8642 – Improve boot time on Sansa
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/bootloader_boost.patch


[2008-04-12: Initial build accidently was without USB support.]
[2008-04-24: Use categories instead of tags.]


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  1. well done

    Comment by sat — 2008/04/17 @ 05:16 | Reply

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