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Firefox Add-ons galore!

Time for some boring list of my currently used Firefox Add-ons. :) This one is for my Linux Firefox, but it’s about the same collection in Windows (except for Auto Copy). And sorry for these half-hearted descriptions of the Add-ons. :)

Firefox 2

UserAgent-String: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; de; rv: Gecko/20071204 Ubuntu/7.10 (gutsy) Firefox/

Adblock Filterset.G Updater – Updater for Adblock Plus filterlists
Adblock Plus – Block advertisements etc. from being shown
All-in-One Gestures 0.18.0 – Mouse gestures and shortcuts
Bookmark Duplicate Detector 0.6.3 – Warning, when trying to add the same bookmark twice
Bookmarks LinkChecker – Check bookmarks for dead links
Bookmarks Synchronizer SE SiteBar Edition – Sync your bookmarks as XBEL files e.g. for SiteBar
Boox – Extended tooltips in bookmarks sidebar
Clippings 2.6 – Manage text snippets
CoLT 2.3.0 – Copy link text with URL
CookieCuller 1.3.1 – Advanced Cookie management
Copy Links 0.1.4 – Copy all selected links
CustomizeGoogle 0.69 – Many options for customizing Google. Remove advertisement, gain privacy, add links to other searchengines..
Dict 0.6.71 – Dictionary search
Enhanced Bookmark Search – Search bookmarks with various criteria
FEBE 5.1.1 – Backup tool
Firebug 1.05 – HTML/CSS/JavaScript inspector, (step-) debugger and profiler
Firefox Companion für eBay 1.1.1 – eBay Sidebar
FlashGot 0.7.5 – Downlad manager integration and tools
Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer 2.0.41 – Sync your bookmarks at
Greasemonkey 0.7.20070607.0 – Custom JavaScript to change loaded websites on-the-fly
keyconfig 20060828.1 – Configure key shortcuts
Locate in Bookmark Folders 0.2.5 – Jump from a bookmark search result to its place in the full bookmark list (useful to access its context menu)
MediaPlayerConnectivity 0.8.3 – Open various embedded media files in your preferred standalone media player
MIME Edit 0.60 – Configure MIME type handling
MR Tech Local Install – Better management for Add-ons and Themes
Neo Diggler 1.0.3 – Jump to a parent of your currently loaded URL and other shortcuts
OpenBook – Extended options when adding bookmarks
Paste and Go 2 0.8 – Load URL or use search engine with your clipboard content
QuoteURLText 1.0.6 – Quotation from a website with URL and Title etc. copied into clipboard
SmartSearch 3.7 – Integrate keyword search bookmarks for searching a highlighted text from the context menu
Tab Mix Plus 0.3.6 – Great extension to tabs and link opening behaviour
Update Bookmark – Overwrite a bookmark with the currently loaded website
User Agent Switcher 0.6.10 – Change the useragent string
wmlbrowser 0.7.17 – Support for WML documents
XHTML Mobile Profile 0.5.2 – Support for Mobile Profile XHTML documents


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