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Firefox Add-ons galore!

Time for some boring list of my currently used Firefox Add-ons. :) This one is for my Linux Firefox, but it’s about the same collection in Windows (except for Auto Copy). And sorry for these half-hearted descriptions of the Add-ons. :)

Firefox 2

UserAgent-String: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; de; rv: Gecko/20071204 Ubuntu/7.10 (gutsy) Firefox/

Adblock Filterset.G Updater – Updater for Adblock Plus filterlists
Adblock Plus – Block advertisements etc. from being shown
All-in-One Gestures 0.18.0 – Mouse gestures and shortcuts
Bookmark Duplicate Detector 0.6.3 – Warning, when trying to add the same bookmark twice
Bookmarks LinkChecker – Check bookmarks for dead links
Bookmarks Synchronizer SE SiteBar Edition – Sync your bookmarks as XBEL files e.g. for SiteBar
Boox – Extended tooltips in bookmarks sidebar
Clippings 2.6 – Manage text snippets
CoLT 2.3.0 – Copy link text with URL
CookieCuller 1.3.1 – Advanced Cookie management
Copy Links 0.1.4 – Copy all selected links
CustomizeGoogle 0.69 – Many options for customizing Google. Remove advertisement, gain privacy, add links to other searchengines..
Dict 0.6.71 – Dictionary search
Enhanced Bookmark Search – Search bookmarks with various criteria
FEBE 5.1.1 – Backup tool
Firebug 1.05 – HTML/CSS/JavaScript inspector, (step-) debugger and profiler
Firefox Companion für eBay 1.1.1 – eBay Sidebar
FlashGot 0.7.5 – Downlad manager integration and tools
Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer 2.0.41 – Sync your bookmarks at
Greasemonkey 0.7.20070607.0 – Custom JavaScript to change loaded websites on-the-fly
keyconfig 20060828.1 – Configure key shortcuts
Locate in Bookmark Folders 0.2.5 – Jump from a bookmark search result to its place in the full bookmark list (useful to access its context menu)
MediaPlayerConnectivity 0.8.3 – Open various embedded media files in your preferred standalone media player
MIME Edit 0.60 – Configure MIME type handling
MR Tech Local Install – Better management for Add-ons and Themes
Neo Diggler 1.0.3 – Jump to a parent of your currently loaded URL and other shortcuts
OpenBook – Extended options when adding bookmarks
Paste and Go 2 0.8 – Load URL or use search engine with your clipboard content
QuoteURLText 1.0.6 – Quotation from a website with URL and Title etc. copied into clipboard
SmartSearch 3.7 – Integrate keyword search bookmarks for searching a highlighted text from the context menu
Tab Mix Plus 0.3.6 – Great extension to tabs and link opening behaviour
Update Bookmark – Overwrite a bookmark with the currently loaded website
User Agent Switcher 0.6.10 – Change the useragent string
wmlbrowser 0.7.17 – Support for WML documents
XHTML Mobile Profile 0.5.2 – Support for Mobile Profile XHTML documents


My 4th very own custom Rockbox build for Sansa e200

A lot has changed with the Rockbox sources, so it’s been a while since publishing my last build. With this one I drop many of the patches for WPS layouts (xy-margins etc.), basically only keep the bmp resizing and the Sansa specific patches.

SanDisk Sansa e200

Dropping the WPS patches has two reasons: Firstly an official replacement for the xy-margin patches called ViewPorts is in the making, which should be the way to go. And secondly these patches are mostly outdated and the effort to get them working with the current sources is far beyond my knowledge and time.

You may download my Rockbox build and its bootloader from my share. It’s based on todays svn revision 16109.

These patches have become obsolete since my last build (3rd build 2007-08-17):
album_art_20071005.patch -> merged into official sources
random_album.patch -> merged into official sources

These patches are too hard to sync or unwanted (see above):

These patches have been updated at the tracker:

Patch Log

FS#5697 – bmp resize patch
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/bmpresize-1205.patch

FS#7542 – This patch moves all the playlist creation from the root dir to the PLAYLISTS directory.
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/playlist_folder.patch

FS#7565 – support for the TPA tag
patch -p1 < /home/scheff/downloads/50-id3TPA.patch

FS#6800 – Sansa e200 backlight behaviour
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/backlight-thread-fading_r16053M-080111.patch

FS#4988 – Optionally keep backlight on while plugins are running
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/plugin-backlight_070303.patch
Hunk #1 FAILED at 390.
1 out of 1 hunk FAILED — saving rejects to file apps/settings.h.rej
** no-brainer fix

FS#6884 – Sansa E200 m3u/m3u8 to pla playlist converter
patch -p0 < /home/scheff/downloads/sansa_playlist_converter_V3.3.diff
Hunk #1 FAILED at 1.
1 out of 1 hunk FAILED — saving rejects to file apps/plugins/CATEGORIES.rej
** no-brainer fix

Fix Compilation Error

Building the release aborted with the following error:

CC pictureflow.c
pictureflow.c: In function ‘create_albumart_cache’:
pictureflow.c:609: error: too few arguments to function ‘rb->read_bmp_file’
make[2]: *** [/home/scheff/src/rockbox-16109/build/apps/plugins/pictureflow.o] Error 1

I already expected this as it’s mentioned in the patch tracker comments. I fixed the PictureFlow source to be compatible with the bmp resize patch.

scheff@p512o:~/src/rockbox-16109$ diff -Naur apps/plugins/pictureflow.c.orig apps/plugins/pictureflow.c
--- apps/plugins/pictureflow.c.orig     2008-01-19 18:55:27.000000000 +0100
+++ apps/plugins/pictureflow.c  2008-01-19 20:05:10.000000000 +0100
@@ -606,7 +606,10 @@ = (char *)input_bmp_buffer;
         ret = rb->read_bmp_file(tmp_path_name, &input_bmp,
-                                FORMAT_NATIVE);
+                                FORMAT_NATIVE,
+                                PREFERRED_IMG_WIDTH,
+                                PREFERRED_IMG_HEIGHT,
+                                BMP_RESIZE_FILL);
         if (ret <= 0) {
             rb->splash(HZ, "Could not read bmp");
             continue; /* skip missing/broken files */


Be sure to rebuild your database properly. I had to do that twice, because I got duplicate entries. This seems to be normal, at least it always was for me when initializing the database. I also had problems with duplicate and orphaned (left over entries after deleting files) entries in previous versions.

Remind that old themes and WPS depending on the dropped patches won’t work anymore. I’ve been using SaagarsBigArt and now switched to Cabbie 2.0.

While being at it, I also updated the official SanDisk firmware and the Rockbox firmware using sansapatcher. Shouldn’t be required though.

A quick test of my build looks promising. The WPS seems a little slow at times. The database initialisation was a little confusing, as described above. The PictureFlow plugin (found in Demos category) looks really great!
Most obviously the keymapping was changed: In the WPS you access the context menu by holding the select button, where the down (menu) button brings up the main menu. Pressing the power button will stop the playback.

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